Contra Rotating Mixers

rotating transkem logoTranskem Fluid Mixers and Agitators design contra-rotating mixers to suit any tank geometry. Contra rotating mixers are typically used when thick emulsions are produced by a bottom entry emulsifier or homogeniser. They are also very useful for multi task vessels where different process duties are required. Contra rotating mixers have the advantage of utilising the benefits of a turbine unit with the benefits of an anchor / scraper.

Contra-rotating mixers in face creams application

Contra-rotating mixers in face creams application

Contra rotating mixers offer excellent mixing throughout the vessel as viscosities increase due to their double mix system. A contra rotating mixer is fitted with two drives; an anchor / scraper drive and a centrally mounted turbine drive. In effect it is two mixers joined together. The wet end can be complete and installed into the tank prior to the vessel being completed or can be fully split to allow simple installation / removal.
contra rotating mixerTranskem Fluid Mixers and Agitators can supply the units for simple atmospheric vessels to ATEX approved pressurised systems mixing many thousand of litres.

These types of fluid mixers are typically used for face creams, hair gels, shampoos and many other viscous applications.

Contra Mixer

The unit shown in the picture to the left was for small vessels mixing vegetarian Tofu. Our client attached their own design of PTFE scraper to the outer anchor. Most contra mixers are very much bigger mixing from 100 litres to 20,000 litres typically

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