Emulsifiers and Homogenisers

rotating transkem logoThe ‘Transhear’ High shear mixers, emulsifiers / homogenisers generate hundreds of thousands of shearing actions every minute. A high speed rotor and close tolerance stator act together to tear apart and disintegrate particles for fast mixing or emulsifying & homogenising.

bottom entry transhear

Homogenisers & emulsifiers are used for many duties including manufacture of mayonnaise, face creams, children’s pain relief suspension, sun tan lotions, disintegrating hard sweets for rework etc..

Transkem fluid mixers high shear units can be supplied with interchangeable stators enabling the homogeniser / emulsifier to be suitable for a wide range of processing requirements. The actual dimensions of the stator head varies with motor power and operating speed. Stators can be general purpose, slotted or fine screen types.

Transkem fluid mixers emulsifiers and homogenisers are available from 0.75 kW to 75 kW and may be top or bottom entry. Bottom entry homogenisers & emulsifiers can be fitted to vessels in conjunction with top entry turbine agitators, gate agitators or for the ultimate mixing system a contra rotating mixer.


Bottom Entry High Shear

Bottom entry high shears can be fitted with a Transkem selected seal / sealant system or can be fitted with the client’s preferred seal supplier or with a free issue seal.

Atex Rated High Shear Mixers

Top and bottom entry high shear mixer units can be supplied Atex rated.

Our customer laboratory facilities ensure optimum selection and a trial unit for site demonstrations can be arranged.

Please contact Transkem industrial agitators for a quick, competitive quotation for all your high shear emulsifiers and homogenisers.