Gate Mixers

rotating transkem logoTranskem fluid mixers gate type agitators are generally used for low speed, high viscosity duties.

A gate mixer impeller would typically be used up to viscosities of up to 50,000 centipoise. A viscosity greater than 50,000 centipoise can be mixed by a double start helical ribbon as mixing efficiency reduces when the Renolds number is very low. The gate mixers impellers, similar to top entry turbine mixers, can be made in most materials. Transkem fluid mixers mechanical seals & drives can be supplied to suit the customer’s preference or site standards.paddle 1

The Transkem fluid mixer gate impeller can be designed to a close tolerance to keep the sides of the vessel clear of product alternatively the impeller may be fitted with scraper blades to clean the side of the vessel.

Gate mixers are excellent aids for heat transfer and can be fitted with horizontal members to aid top to bottom mixing.
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Similar to contra rotating mixers, gate mixers can be fitted with a top entry emulsifier or most commonly a bottom entry emulsifier for manufacture of creams and emulsions. As with all Transkem fluid mixers the emulsifiers and homogenisers can be supplied to suit the clients preference for drive & seal.

Transkem gate mixer & agitator impellers are typically used for mixing shampoos, chocolate, adhesives, creams, flocculants, paints etc……….