Ribbon Blenders

Transkem Fluid Mixers design and manufacture Helical Ribbon Mixers to suit your needs. Helical ribbon mixers are generally used in processes where the product is extremely viscous. Helical ribbon mixers are very efficient and are usually utilised in viscosities of > 50,000 centipoise (50,000 centipoise is the point where gate mixers become less efficient)

Transkem's standard unit is a double start helical ribbon which will efficiently mix your product within minutes.

Typical processes where helical ribbon mixers are used are toothpaste storage / manufacture, high viscosity adhesives, polymers etc... The ribbon mixers may have a fully welded wet end or be completely split for installation in existing vessels. The units are also available with and without footsteady in-tank bearings, mechanical seals etc... As with all Transkem Fluid Mixers the mixer may be supplied with the customers' preferred manufacturer of seal & drive. The mixers may be supplied with ATEX approval and double or single mechanical seals.

The helical ribbon mixer can be fitted in the vessel along with a Transkem bottom entry emulsifier & homogeniser or in some cases, where the helical ribbon mixer is small, a top entry homogeniser / emulsifier. 

We pride ourselves in sending designs / quotations very quickly as we understand the need of a quick reply to our customers.