Turbine Mixers

Transkem Mixers design and supply top entry mixers / turbine mixers which are the most commonly used type of industrial agitator with shaft lengths of 0.6 metres to 20 metres in length. The Transkem top entry turbine mixer a may be fitted with various impellers & turbines to suit heat transfer, mass transfer, solid suspension, liquid / liquid blending etc…

Each Transkem turbine mixer is designed to suit customer process requirements ensuring the most economical and efficient mixing solution.

All turbine mixers may be fitted with the customer’s preferred motor and gearbox or with special drives to comply with the ATEX directive. Transkem fluid mixer’s turbine mixers and agitators are versatile and may be fitted with vapour seals, gland seals, mechanical seals, gas seals – in fact any make of seal that the customer prefers.

Mixer impellers range from simple pitched blade turbines, hydrofoils to specially designed modules to suit all types of mixing applications. This type of mixer does not produce a high shear mix and does not damage the product. High shear mixing can be achieved by fitting a top or bottom entry high shear emulsifier and homogeniser. Click on the homogeniser and emulsifier page for high shear mixing

Wetted parts are normally 316L stainless steel but Transkem Fluid Mixers will manufacture the whetted parts of the mixers in any material to comply with the customers requirements. Hastelloy, Incolloy, Titanium etc. are not uncommon

Transkem design and build bespoke agitators and fluid mixers to suit your specific requirements.

Please contact Transkem Fluid for a quick and completely free design and quotation for your top entry mixer.