Side Entry Mixers

Transkem have a range of side entry industrial agitators which may be V-belt or gear driven. The Transkem side entry mixer may be fitted with single or double seals to meet the process criteria or to comply with site standards to suit the customer.

Transkem V-belt units are extremely versatile incorporating a double bearing set up for shaft rigidity which in turn gives added seal life and virtually maintenance free operation. Each Transkem side entry mixer is fitted with a high efficiency, high flow propeller specially manufactured for Transkem and ideally suited to side netry mixer applications.

Transkem side entry mixers can be fitted with a shut off device for seal repair / maintenance from outside the tank without entering or emptying the vessel.

The Trankem Side entry mixer VSE range comes in four main sizes and can be fitted with 0.55 kW to 55 kW motors.

Similar to the top entry mixer range wetted parts of the units can be to suit the duty although standard wetted parts are manufactured from 316 stainless steel.

Transkem also offer a gear driven, hygienic mixer range for applications such as milk silos, food oil etc… These units are extremely cost effective and very easily cleaned. 

Side entry mixers are typically used in large vessels mixing generally aqueous products such as milk, beer whisky, effluent, potable water, oils etc..