Quality Statement

It is the objective of Transkem to design and manufacture fluid mixers to meet with our customers’ expectations of quality and performance. We will measure our performance and continually look forward to improve the service we provide.

Continuous improvement will be sought by:-

  • Management and site engineers’ feedback from site visits and installations.
  • Customer’s feedback on design & operation.
  • Customer satisfaction and whether they can offer Transkem points which they would see as an improvement.
  • Provide a safe environment for our employees to work in.
  • Continual training for employees.
  • Encourage all employees to suggest improvements in both manufacture and design.
  • Review and report on problems that have occurred on specific projects and introduce measures so it cannot happen on future projects.
  • Reviewing our suppliers’ products and seeking better or upgraded parts from the market place.
  • Transkem will endeavour to recycle and re-use all waste.

Stuart Gibson, Managing Director.